Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee Legacy Project

Mumia Abu-Jamal (Journalist, political prisoner)

Click here for Mumia’s comments on defending community radio.

Leonard Peltier (AIM political prisoner)

Oscar Lopez Rivera (excarcerated Puerto Rican independentista)

Cindy Sheehan (peace activist)

Abby Martin (Empire Files)

Harry Belafonte

Jeanette Charles (KPFK)

Verna Avery Brown (WPFW)

Johanna Fernandez (WBAI)

Akua Holt (KPFT)

Ann Garrison (KPFA)

The Pacifica National Board

the KPFK Local Station Board

the WBAI Local Station Board unanimously

the WPFW Local Station Board unanimously

Alex Steinberg, Pacifica National Board chair

Perri K. McCary (KPFT)

John Samuelson, President, Transport Workers Union Local 100, International VP

Clarence Thomas (ILWU Local 10)

Estela Vasquez, SEIU Local 1199 VP

John Riley (OutFM, WBAI)

Mimi Rosenberg (WBAI & WPFW)

Jonathan Smith, American Postal Workers Union

President of the NY Metro Local

Lawrence Reyes (SEIU 721 – KPFK Director)

Sharonne Salaam (WBAI)

Sharonne Salaam and her son Yusef, one of the exonerated “Central Park 5”

Mya Shone & Ralph Schoenman, former producers “Taking Aim”

Eric C. Jacobson (civil rights attorney, KPFK LSB)

Polina Vasiliev (KPFK LSB staff delegate – Pacifica Foundation Secretary)

KPFK Spanish Language Programmers & Producers

Anthony Fest (KPFA Saturday News, producer-Project Censored)

Steve Zeltzer (Labor Video)

Click here to see the kind of labor reporting Steve does that has been censored off KPFA.

Jack Heyman (ILWU retired)

Jack Heyman in red shirt, white cap at Juneteenth Oakland labor rally, 2020

Nancy Saibara-Naritomi (KPFT)

Vanessa Dixon-Briggs (WPFW)

Michael Novick (Anti-Racist Action, KPFK LSB Chair)

Click here and here for Michael’s articles on why to vote no on New Day.

Lydia Ponce (AIM, KPFK LSB)

Marsha Feinland (former Berkeley rent commissioner)

DeWayne Lark (KPFT Director)

Tom Voorhees (radio engineer, KPFA director)

Tom installing transmitter for KRBX, Boise ID

Grace Aaron (KPFK)

Carlito Rovira, artist activist

Carlito Rovira with his painting of Pam Africa

Pete Dolack (indy journalist)

Click here for Pete’s Counterpunch article on resisting corporatization.

Joan Sekler (founder, LA Alternative Media Network)

Tracy Rosenberg (Media Alliance)

Click here for Tracy’s account of the damage the New Day proponents are doing to Pacifica already.

Cerene Roberts (WBAI)

Lenny Foster (AIM, Spiritual Adviser to Leonard Peltier)

S.F. Bay View national Black liberation newspaper

Bob Lederer (WBAI)

Jan Susler (People’s Law Office, Chicago)

Jan Susler testifying at UN about colonial case of Puerto Rico

Prof. Bill Davis (Africana Studies, Rutgers University)

Click here for Prof. Davis’s comments on why to vote NO!

Alejandro Molina (National Boricua Human Rights Network)

Nancy Sorden (WPFW, former Secretary of Pacifica)

Sheila Hamanaka (WBAI)

Stan Woods (labor activist)

Ralph Poynter (WBAI)

Ralph Poynter with his late wife, people’s lawyer Lynne Stewart

Rocio Rivas (KPFK LSB Vice-Chair)

Jim Lafferty (Host, The Lawyers Guild show, former KPFK iGM)

Oso Blanco (Byron S. Chubbuck, Native political prisoner)

Black Star News

Matef Harmachis & Diane Fujino

Human rights activists & educators in Santa Barbara CA

Lou Wolf (investigative journalist, WPFW)

Covert Action magazine

Larry Hamm (Chairman, Peoples Organization for Progress)

Click here for Larry Hamm’s message urging a NO vote.

Peace & Freedom Party, Alameda County

San Francisco, Oakland and Alameda County Greens

Greg Jan, center above, endorses a NO vote on the Bylaws revision.

Gar Smith (Environmentalists Against War)

And thousands and thousands of other listeners and staff like you, who voted overwhelmingly against the last attempt to wipe out our democratic bylaws and undermine our unity, diversity and capacity to air uncensored community voices and cultural expressions. Let’s do it again!

Vote NO! to preserve and extend democracy, diversity, peace & racial justice, and free speech community radio!

Organizational affiliations are listed for identification purposes only except for organizational endorsements

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