What Would Bernie Say?

What would Bernie say about banning Pacifica workers from its Board? BERNIE SANDERS:  “I want workers to be able to sit on corporate boards as well, so they can have some say over what happens to their lives.”  —February 19, 2020 Democratic debate in Las Vegas Vote “NO!” on proposed anti-democratic bylaws that would… …Ban workers from […]

Danny Glover To Pacifica Supporters & Members: “Do Not Change The Bylaws”

Renowned actor and Pacifica supporter Danny Glover urged the members of Pacifica not to change the bylaws to eliminate representation of the staff, paid and unpaid on the Pacifica board. This move toward corporatization would lead to an NPR operation with appointed boards of directors and eliminate the democratic governance in part by the workers […]


KPFT   WBAI    KPFK    WPFW    KPFA VOTE “NO” TO SAVE PACIFICA! VOTE “NO” ON BYLAW REPLACEMENT!! VOTING ON OUR PACIFICA BYLAWS HAS BEGUN!  IF YOU DIDN’T GET A BALLOT, SEE BELOW FAQ Why did I get a ballot? A group within Pacifica wants to replace our bylaws, but because their plan would eliminate many member rights and opportunities, the current bylaws allow […]

Don’t fall for the fear-mongering — Vote NO!

Vote ‘NO’ on the Bylaws Amendments Those who would steal our stations are pushing a Bylaws “revision” that under the guise of streamlining and professionalizing Pacifica, would: Make it easier to sell off our station signals, buildings, the Pacifica Radio Archives or other assets Eliminate elected Local Station Boards and create a new national board dominated by […]