PFB Endorsements

Pacifica Fightback is endorsing candidates for delegates at various of the Pacifica stations in the current elections. These endorsements are independent of the candidates’ own efforts, do not constitute a slate either locally or nationally, and do not reflect the opinions or affiliations of the candidates we are endorsing.


Listener-sponsor delegate candidates:

WBAI Listener Candidates

Requested rank order:

  1. Aléjandrina Murphy
  2. Cerene Roberts
  3. Eleanor Elizabeth Forman
  4. Joan De Lorenzo
  5. Doc Shya
  6. Mike Nickerson
  7. Gail Bey
  8. Corazón Valiente

WBAI Staff Candidates

Requested rank order:

  1. John Kane
  2. Marilyn Mateo
  3. Sally Gellert
  4. Ralph Poynter


Anthony Fest, staff candidate

Listener delegate candidates:

Elizabeth Milos, current LSB member

Steve Zeltzer

Rich Stone

Virginia Browning

Cheryl Davida

Edward Escobar

Nayvin Gordon

Pathma Venasithamby

Stan Woods


Listener delegate candidates (in preferential order):

Aryana Gladney, former LSB member, with African National Women’s Org

Kelly Flores, CAB member, with Union del Barrio, UTLA

Rachel Bruhnke, with CodePink, co-founder Cold War Truth Commission

Jack Neff, environmentalist with Grassroots Community Radio Coalition,

Charlie Wilken, UTLA-retired, former tech coordinator/network admin

Ralph Hawkins, former LSB secretary, former GM, college radio stations

Soni Lloyd, UTLA anti-imperialist activist

Rizo Saverio, concerned listener, Brasilena

Doug Barnett, former LSB sec’y, KPFK operations volunteer

Elizabeth von Gunten, current LSB member and PNB director

Edward Fakes, concerned listener

Staff delegate candidates (alphabetical order):

Rodrigo Argueta Vargas, Maria Garcia, Wendell Handy, Angel Jaramillo, Brenda Martinez, Jeanine Rohn, Sergio Serdio, Oscar Ulloa, Alicia Vargas


Adriana Casenave, LSB member and PNB director

Pacifica Fightback protests the unfair disqualification of all but one of the candidates who opposed the New Day efforts to rule or ruin Pacifica, and who challenged the whitewash of KPFT.



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