“Protectors” Undermining Pacifica

People sometimes complain about “infighting” within Pacifica’s democratic governance. What is the real source of the infighting, and how does it endanger Pacifica in material ways, not just by creating a culture of conflict that turns people off? There are forces within Pacifica committed to “rule or ruin” and to breaking up the Foundation and the unity of the stations. Here is an ugly example of an officer of a Local Station Board and member of a PNB committee turning to the state to undermine another station, one in a long string of internecine attacks. In this one, Carol Wolfley of KPFA writes to the FCC in support of a “Petition to Deny” the license renewal of “sister station” WBAI in NY.

If you find this type of fratricidal appeal to state power reprehensible, email us at pacificafightback@gmail.com
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