Sat. April 8th, 3pm PT / 5pm CT / 6pm ET.  Register here: After you register you will receive a link by email. RUN FOR THE LSB Consider to run as a Listener or Staff Delegate Candidate of your station, or work on a campaign to elect Delegate Candidates committed to the Pacifica mission-driven, […]

“Protectors” Undermining Pacifica

People sometimes complain about “infighting” within Pacifica’s democratic governance. What is the real source of the infighting, and how does it endanger Pacifica in material ways, not just by creating a culture of conflict that turns people off? There are forces within Pacifica committed to “rule or ruin” and to breaking up the Foundation and […]

End the Blockade on Cuba

November 24-27, a young women’s conference in Havana will seek to expand international actions against the blockade and demand that Washington remove Cuba from the list of “nations that support terrorism.” Focus on LA/NYC and international protests on Oct. 29 before the UN vote against the blockade. Pictured above, Amazon and Starbucks labor union organizers with […]

Revive Pacifica: Town Hall Sat. Aug. 20

Stop Silencing the People’s Voice, Build a Network of Resistance: 11 AM PT/ 1 PM CT/ 2 PM ET Click Below to listen Pacifica–the sole alternative national radio network in the US–is at a crossroads.  As Biden’s DOJ and FBI boldly attack the African People’s Socialist Party/International Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement with a real raid […]

We Won’t Go Back

A Pacifica supporter in CA sent this poem: How Far…? by Nia Assante How far back do we roll amerika? How far back do we go? If we roll back Roe do we go back to whips and chains? Do we go back to chastity belts? We still have marriages that are arranged. Honor killings […]

More attacks on Pacifica by breakers

The Pacifica National Board will be considering a motion to suspend director Donald Goldmacher over his support for this complaint petition to the FCC challenging the license renewal of Pacifica’s station in NY, WBAI. Pacifica Safety Net has backed two Bylaws referenda to try to eliminate elected local governance and put their own preselected leadership […]