Democracy in Danger at Pacifica – Air Candidate Forums Now!

Have you heard any candidate forums on your Pacifica station?

The Pacifica Bylaws require that: “All candidates for election as a Listener-Sponsor Delegate shall be given equal opportunity for equal air time, which air time shall include time for a statement by the candidate and a question and answer period with call-in listeners.”

This has not happened!

Harm is already being done to the candidates’ right to be heard on the air, and to the listeners’ right to hear them and to be able to call in with questions. The ballots have already been sent out and at most stations no such on-air opportunities have been provided for either the candidates’ statements or the listeners’ call-ins and questions regarding the candidates’ views. This must be remedied forthwith by the immediate scheduling of as many on-air forums with live listener call-ins as necessary at each station to accommodate all the listener candidates with equal opportunity for airing live in various time slots and day parts, as well as on weekends. Prominent notice must be on the top of station websites, and on-air announcement of the forums with plenty of notice to listeners must be aired.

KPFA LSB candidates’ Press Conference outside their station

Sign our petition now demanding live on-air candidate forums with time for listener call-ins, comments and questions:

If you have already voted, you can reset and request a new ballot if you have had second thought, or if you do after you get a chance to listen to the candidates on the air: Click here

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