People’s Victory: Bylaws Replacement Defeated

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Bylaws Referendum Results, Local Station Board Election


At a time when people the world over are struggling for the right to determine their futures through the ballot, and as they fight moneyed classes or armed forces wanting to silence their voices, we are thrilled to report that the most recent attempt to end member-democracy in Pacifica was just defeated.

• Staff rejected the “New Day” proposal by 58.6% to 41.4% … a 17 point difference

• A smaller majority of listeners supported the “New Day” proposal by 56% to 44% … a 12 point difference.

While levels of knowledge and involvement vary within any group, staff and listeners are clearly distinct from each other, and constitute separate voting “classes”. Under our bylaws, members must approve some amendments, including changes that affect one class of members in a way that is adverse and is different from the other class. There was also a memorandum of agreement between Pacifica Foundation and the Bylaws revision advocates to enable the vote to proceed, which specified the election would be conducted under the rules that had governed the previous attempt to replace the Bylaws just a year ago, which specified the need for separate approval by both listener members and staff members.

Both classes of members, listener-donors and staff (paid and unpaid) were affected differently, and did not agree to the proposed changes, so the referendum failed.

The reason for honoring the staff vote is clear: no majority can take away the rights of others. Staff, united in a single class of membership under the current bylaws, had clearly defined rights and responsibilities under the existing Bylaws, including substantial representation on Local Station Boards with oversight responsibilities over management, and representation from every station staff on the national board of Pacifica. Only the staff themselves could waive or abandon those rights; nobody else had or has the power to abrogate them.

We will see if this second failed attempt at replacing the bylaws will educate the proponents on their approach, or whether they will, as threatened, sue to strip away staff rights, and local elected oversight, in their efforts to rule the foundation and marginalize or eliminate community oriented and community based radio.

The National Election Supervisor promises the full report on July 26, 2021.


As a result of the defeat of the Bylaws replacement, the scheduled Local Station Board election process, already begun for this year, will continue. Nominations for your Local Station Board are open until Wed., July 21, 2021. Voting by each station’s staff and listeners will take place later in the year, with the new delegates being seated in December for a three-year term under the current Bylaws.

Listeners who donated $25 or volunteered 3 hours between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021 are eligible to run for 9 listener seats. Non-management paid staff as of June 30, 2021 and Unpaid staff who worked at least 30 hours between April 1 to June 30, 3021 are eligible to run for 3 staff seats. Listener nominees require 15 endorsing signatures including their own from listeners. Staff nominees require five staff member signatures, including their own. All this is being done electronically this year.

Sign up to run or sign nominating petitions for others at:

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