PNB Launches COVID-19 Task Force

The Pacifica National Board adopted Lawrence Reyes’s motion to establish a task force on dealing with the coronavirus pandemic in terms of operations, policies, and producing and distributing content on all our stations and other platforms, and sharing and collaborating with our affiliates. The Task Force will extend beyond PNB and LSB members, and will seek input and participation by experts and activists dealing with COVID-19 and all its consequences and repercussions.

The Task Force willbe presenting a proposal to the PNB, likely at its meeting of April 23. Aspects are expected to include a website to archive links to Pacifica stations’ and affiliates’ COVID-19 content and coverage as well as other resources related to COVID; use of Pacifica’s YouTube channel to webcast audio-visual material on developments, analyses and struggles around COVID; a national COVID-themed “telethon” (fundraiser) for Pacifica; and development of a national show on COVID-19 using collaborative resources from Pacifica stations and affiliates.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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